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2020 Plan: Academic Enrichment

A quality classroom and advising experience are paramount in student success. According the student surveys taken in fall 2009 that were used to develop this plan, student listed faculty evaluations, grading policy and blackboard usage as top issues. Students also mentioned quality advising as a growing area of concern; developing comprehensive reform in all of these areas is of particular importance in developing the student experience. A poor system in these areas directly leads to retention issues. The Plan offers ways faculty, students and administrators can work together to improve these areas.


Initiative: Increase Faculty Blackboard Usage

Students actively use blackboard to check grades, find assignments, and communicate with classmates. Blackboard can be a great tool that professors can use to enhance the classroom experience and improve the overall quality of classroom instruction.

  • Goal: Define specifically how Blackboard is to be used by faculty and include Blackboard usage or the University equivalent system at the time in the faculty evaluation process (2016)


Initiative: Reevaluate Faculty Evaluations

Students are able to critique their classroom experience by submitting evaluations. Student Government will ensure that students are more included in the evaluation process, and that their concerns are addressed.

  • Goal: Create an agreed upon system between administration, faculty and SGA on faculty evaluation (2016)


Initiative: Improve Advising

Advising is a very crucial service provided to students. Advisors maintain the movement towards graduation for students. Student Government will work to make sure that a system is developed that works most efficiently to this aim.

  • Goal: Among advising staff, administration and SGA, create an agreed upon integrated advising system, which includes measures of accountability and a unified education program for advisors (2015)


Initiative: Lower The Cost Of Books For Students

Book costs are one of the major rising costs for students at UofL. Many ways to deal with this issue include educating professors on the cheapest books to purchase, developing book swap programs between students, and keeping all members of the UofL community aware of the issue.

  • Goal: Create a campaign to share with department chairs to raise awareness of book costs and the burden this places on students (2011)
  • Goal: Develop a formal partnership between SGA and a discount textbook vendor (2012)
  • Goal: Create sustainable campus-wide book swap program (2013)


Initiative: Develop Consistency In The Faculty Grading Policy

Many students are upset with the inconsistency in the grading policy. Depending on the professor, students taking the same class and get the same numerical score end up with a different letter grade. Student Government will work with faculty to develop consistency methods.

  • Goal: Ensure course level consistency for +/- grading system (2012)


Initiative: Define How To Be A Successful U Of L Student

When students first come to the University of Louisville, they have no idea what it takes to succeed here. The general education courses that each respective college has are great opportunities to teach how to be a successful student.

  • Goal: Overhaul current Gen 101 programs to create an integrated course that explains academic services at UofL like Career Development Center, REACH, facilities, etc. (2014)