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2020 Plan: College Affordability

As a student body, we are conscious of the fact that college costs money, time and energy and we give those things at our own benefit or peril. There is no attempt to pass higher education off as a right; but what must be acknowledged is that higher education is an investment by all, for all.  The Plan attempts to articulate this investment through policy initiatives. College must be affordable, and affordability must be defined. When colleges become unaffordable, universities bring in less revenue and contribute less trained workers, less provided services and less community engagement. Costs must be kept low; college must be kept affordable. This is a statewide issue. The execution of this section of The Plan will largely be under the purview of the SGA President.


Initiative: Develop College Affordability Bill

State funding for higher education continues to go down.  And when state funding goes down, tuition and fees go up.  Student Government is committed to launching a statewide effort to force state government’s hand in keeping higher education affordable.

  • Goal: Establish an accepted statewide definition of “affordable” when discussing college affordability. (2014)
  • Goal: A bill is signed into law with two provisions that states support for adequate funding for higher education and an amendment to the state constitution that state government must do its part to keep higher education affordable. (2016)


Initiative: Develop A Unique Competitive Advantage For The University of Louisville

In order to keep tuition as slow as possible but improve services, academic quality and degree worth, we must recruit the best students.  Right now, there isn’t a well developed marketing position for UofL in terms of targeting students across the country.  Student Government will advocate for the development of one.

  • Goal: Among staff, the administration and SGA, create agreed upon target market initiatives to bring in the best quality students for graduate and undergraduate programs. (2012)


Initiative: Enhance Board of Student Body Presidents’ Role in Higher Education

The Board of Student Body Presidents is the statewide board made up of the 8 public institutions of higher education in Kentucky.  Those schools are UofL, UK, Murray State, Morehead, Kentucky State, EKU, WKU and Northern Kentucky.  The student voice can be stronger across the state if these schools develop statewide programs to encourage higher education support and college affordability initiatives.  The programs below will go statewide to ensure this progress.

  • Goal: Local “Rally” Event (2011)
  • Goal: Listen Up Legislators (2012)
  • Goal: Tax Services Program (2012)
  • Goal: Financial Literacy Program (an program dedicated dealing with purchasing cheap books and students dealing with credit card companies (2013)