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2020 Plan: Student Engagement

The culture of campus is defined differently by different students. In the surveys taken that helped develop this student plan mainly revolved around issues concerning diversity initiatives, athletics excitement, student programs, spirit and traditions and engagement. The Plan provides opportunities for development in these areas.


Initiative: Develop A Formal Body Of RSO Representation In SGA

Each student at UofL indentifies more closely with different groups than others. Since SGA is the chief advocate for student concerns, it is important that the structure of SGA is able to best reflect its constituency. In order to do that, a different representative must be established.

  • Goal: Formal Body in SGA that represents underrepresented groups (commuters, RSOs, etc.) (2013)


Initiative: Enhance Student Programming/Support CPC And SAB Funding

The same way students indentify differently, so too do we want different programming. SAB must be able to provide programming for general student fanfare; RSOs must have the financial support to provide funding that is particular to their constituency.

  • Goal: Establish list of “Cardinal Events” for traditional excitement. Include non-SAB events (2011)
  • Goal: Develop program to help RSOs plan events and spend money wisely (2012)
  • Goal: Increase IFC, Panhellenic and NPHC Greek membership to 20% of the student population (2020)


Initiative: Establish A UofL Concert Series

Every year students complain about not having concerts from nationally recording artists. Student Government will develop, and commit to providing the resources to establishing a concert series program on campus.

  • Goal: Create a concert RSO (2011)
  • Goal: Host first concert (2013)
  • Goal: Become profitable (2015)


Initiative: Enhance UofL Spirit And Traditions

The “fanhood” for spirit and traditions at a university is one of the most important aspects of improving student life. With a student body that is passionate about the student experience, it will be very beneficial to improving services, classroom quality and other issues. Therefore, there is a full list of programs and initiatives student government is going to launch in the coming years.

  • Goal: Start a Cash Cab like program to improve spirit and traditions on UofL basketball and football game days (2011)
  • Goal: Create a Sprit and Traditions book highlighting UofL traditions that will be available in the UofL Bookstore for purchase (2012)
  • Goal: Festival Seating at Basketball Games (2012)
  • Goal: Annual sports games apparel that all students wear to basketball and football games (2013)
  • Goal: Establish better basketball and football game student tailgate areas and shuttle services (2014)
  • Goal: Sport Administration Scholarship Program to promote the relationship between the student body and students athletics. This program will also highlight our Sport Administration program, which is one of the best in the country. These students will also work specifically on spirit initiatives, the ticket lottery and other initiatives. (2014)
  • Goal: All students will know the UofL Fight Songs, Alma Mater and CARDS Cheer (2020)


Initiative: Improve Alumni Program

When students graduate, they become alumni. Our alumni relations are a great way to develop a stronger relationship with past students, potential donors and the ever expanding UofL community to improve the student experience.

  • Goal: Among university administration, SGA, and the Alumni Association, develop an agreed upon model for student and alumni relations (2011)


Initiative: Increase Civic And Community Engagement

Students at UofL have always been interested in serving the community and being active in political activities. Student Government is a great avenue for vehicle for political action at the student level; SGA also wants to incorporate community engagement in the student experience.

  • Goal: Create a culminating, comprehensive service project for UofL students that works in conjunction with Book-in-Common, Ideas 2 Action, and other UofL service initiatives (2014)
  • Goal: Improve SGA election turnout to 50% of UofL student population (2020)