Student Activities Center(502)

2020 Plan: Student Facilities

Students require facilities that allow them to explore and enhance their college experience.  In order for facilities to stay abreast of current student desires and interests, new buildings must be built and current buildings must be renovated.  As the university continues to improve in quality, so too must our academic space, cultural tolerance and recreational avenues improve.  All of these are set aside for new building projects in The Plan.  The execution of this section of The Plan will largely be under the purview of the Executive Vice-President.


Initiative: Create A New Student Recreational Facility

A new center for recreational activity would vastly improve the student experience. Our current facility is outdated, uncomfortable, and unsuitable for the growing population student population at UofL. Student Government has advocated for the building of a new one.

  • Goal: Open new Student Recreational Facility (2013)


Initiative: Improve The Current Student Activities Center

The Student Activities Center, built in 1990, needs significant renovation and expansion. With a new recreational center in the works, there will be space that can potentially be turned into meeting areas, dining facilities, or another type of space that students are asking for.

  • Goal: Completed SAC expansion and renovation (2016)


Initiative: Build A New Academic Building On Belknap CAMPUS

As our student population continues to grow and the quality of our students continues to improve, we need to be sure we are keeping up with the improvement in academic facilities.

  • Goal: Open new Academic Building (2015)


Initiative: Build A New Cultural Center On Belknap Campus

Diversity is one of the stable principles of the University of Louisville. In order to stay true to this mission, a new, inviting and inclusive center for students of all backgrounds must be built on campus. Student Government will advocate for it.

  • Goal: Open a new Cultural Center on Belknap Campus (2017)