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Below are the major initiatives of SGA for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Transportation on and around campus is something that Christopher Bird is particularly passionate about as a student of civil engineering. He is excited to address the concerns of students by taking a hard look at how SGA administer parking. Earlier this year, the university retained a consulting firm to complete a holistic ninety-day review of parking operations. This firm gathered many stakeholders, including SGA, to better understand the current state of parking. Both Vishnu and Christopher  sat in meetings to provide the student perspective. At the end of the ninety-day process, the firm will deliver the university a recommendation on how to best oversee parking moving forward. It will be up to the university to determine how to act on this recommendation. Christopher plan to solicit ideas and opinions from the student body after the consultant report is released, and Christopher commit to asking these questions to represent the student voice:

  1. How can we best keep student parking fair and affordable?
  2. How can we address and improve alternative transportation for students without vehicles?
  3. How can we make smart decisions presently for student parking now in anticipation of a growing student body?



For the library, SGA is continuing the partnership with the library to have the extended hours that were implanted last year. Jonathan Fuller is working on more extended hours during finals week. SGA is also working with the library deans to see what kind of updates we can help with throughout the library. Jonathan Fuller is also working with the library about either continuing the DVD collection or evaluating if we should stop adding new DVD’s.

Food Services

There are a lot of exciting changes coming to food services we will see this year, most of which are involved with the SAC renovation. Subway moved out of the first floor of the SAC to the first floor of Davidson Hall in the spring. In its previous spot, Wendy’s is expanding to add capacity. Over the summer the second-floor Terrace Food Court was closed permanently. Chick-fil-a is moving to the first floor lobby area and will open in August. An exciting new venue is opening at the start of the school year: The MarketPlace! This will assume the previous location of the campus bookstore on the SAC West Wing first floor. The MarketPlace will feature unique food concepts found no place else on campus. Students can choose from different cuisines at individualized station, creating a variety of food options the SAC has never before seen. Each will focus on fresh preparation and include foods like burgers, veggies, sushi, and more. One station named “The Exchange” will even change cuisine menus every three weeks. Christopher is proud the addition will feature halal and vegetarian/vegan options. It’s a goal of mine to make sure that student dietary needs are accounted and met. He is excited to help open this new addition offered through our dining services contract with Aramark.


Construction on two major projects, the SAC Renovation and new academic building, has accelerated over the summer. Students will find that these areas of campus are shaping up since they left in the spring. SAC interior remodeling around the food service locations, addition of a new Starbucks along Floyd Street, and major structural progress on the west addition have taken place. The most disruptive work around key food locations will be substantially complete by August 21, the first day of class. The Starbucks at the east entrance to the SAC on Floyd Street will be open and operational by this time too. The expansion of the west wing will be home to a new ballroom, large meeting rooms, lounge areas, and retail space. As this work continues into the school year, Christopher will make sure that any disruptions to space availability are mitigated properly. The new academic building is progressing quickly. The crane has been removed from the site, and the structure is showing its shape. The schedule is still on track for completion by fall 2018. The SGA Academic Vice President Jonathan Fuller and Christopher will be working this year to finalize the interior concepts, including the classroom layout and a small dining option.


We can always improve our safety and protection initiatives. Whether it be ensuring physical security or standing up for the rights of at-risk groups, our campus should be a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Improvements to services are safe if they can protect the well being and accessibility for all students. Measures like the SGA sponsored “L Trail” which replaced dull and dark sidewalks with new lighting infrastructure are good ways we have increased safety. Christopher plans to work to expand this lighting replacement to reach more areas of our campus. Externally, Christopher wants to explore ways that we can renovate the corridors and train viaducts to the south. Students should be able to walk to campus through these safely. Physical safety cannot be overlooked. Recent events have left us with questions and concerns. Firstly, Christopher plans to explore pitfalls of how RAVE does or does not report incidents. Secondly, he’ll work with our police to see how we can improve broader measures around campus.


Cardinal Athletics and our amazing sports programs is one of the best parts of being a student at the University of Louisville. Your SGA is working diligently to ensure a sizable undergraduate student ticket allotment for all sports, as well as working to keep ticket prices as low as possible. We will be partnering with Athletics to offer discounted tickets and transportation for the away football game against Purdue in September! We will also be continuing conversations on the Student Athletic Fee.

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