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We, the members of the student body of the University of Louisville, recognizing the need for a representative, functional, and democratic form of student government at the University -wide level, do hereby establish this Student Government Association as the student governing body of this institution. Our aims are:

  • to provide an effective organization for the administration of student affairs
  • to promote and protect student rights and responsibilities
  • to create a stronger bond among students and among all student organizations
  • to provide official channels through which student opinions may be expressed;- to promote full cooperation among students, administration, faculty, and staff
  • to improve student physical, social, and cultural welfare
  • to safeguard the academic and individual freedoms of the students of the University of Louisville
  • to improve the status of students in the University community
  • to promote diversity and fairness on campus and in the Student Government Association.

Realizing that a student organization founded on these principles is a cornerstone in the building of a better University community, we do hereby endeavor to administer policies and activities that best fulfill the needs and interests of the University Student Populace.


Mission Statement

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student governing body of the University of Louisville. SGA works to be a voice for fellow students on campus and in the Commonwealth. Our mission is to provide students with representation within the university structure.

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