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SGA is comprised of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, as well as the Student Activities Board and the Engage Lead Serve Board.

  1. Executive Branch is the main administrative body of SGA. With assistance from the executive staff, the top four officers are chiefly responsible for representing student interests to external government influences, administering the policies, procedures, and programs of the SGA, soliciting the opinions and concerns of the student body, and serving as liaisons to U of L administration
  2. Legislative Branch determines rules and procedures in accordance with the SGA Constitution.  In addition, the Legislative Branch have the responsibility of chartering student organizations that it deems have fulfilled the requirements for recognition established by it through the Student Organizations Board and have the power to approve or disapprove all allocations of SGA monies
  3. Judicial Branch have the role of being the interpreters of the SGA Constitution and SGA Bylaws. They hear any and all cases concerning the SGA Constitution and SGA Bylaws and arbitrates in matters between student organizations, branches of SGA and election disputes.
  4. Student Activities Board provides social, multicultural, recreational and educational activities for the University’s students and other interested members of the UofL. SAB is the programming arm of the Student Government Association and strives to provide quality, fun, and educational events and programs for the entire student body.
  5. Engage Lead Serve Board strives to enhance the education of students by providing structured experiential and developmental opportunities that encourage community engagement, model good leadership, and allow active service. The board promotes collaboration between organizations and focus areas that encourage philanthropy, service, leadership development, and civic engagement.



Executive Branch

Executive Cabinet

The Executive Cabinet are the “Top 4” elected officers of the Student Government Association: the Student Body President, the Executive Vice President, the Academic Vice President and the Services Vice President. The Executive Cabinet serve on various University committees and serve as the chief voice of students to the University administration, faculty and staff.

Traditionally, the Student Body President deals with University-wide issues and administration. They also serve on the Board of Trustees. The Executive Vice President works with Athletics, Diversity initiatives, and SGA. The Academic Vice President works with the University’s deans and faculty. The Services Vice President works with a range of student services including safety, housing, dining and construction.

Chief of Staff / Executive Staff

The Executive Staff are appointed by the Student Body President to assist in the carrying out of SGA functions. The structure of the staff varies based on the administration but they are typically led by a Chief of Staff who helps the Cabinet plan and implement their agenda. Staff members may include officers who oversee SGA social media, the SGA website, RSO outreach, governmental relations, etc.

Legislative Branch

Senate Leadership

The Student Senate is led by the Senate Speaker and Senate Historian. The Speaker oversees each meeting of the Senate, while the Historian maintains the document archive and composes the meeting agenda. The Speaker typically also appoints a Senate Clerk to maintain minutes.

Senate Committees

The Senate is divided into various committees that deal with different issues or components of Student Government. Although the committees change based on the needs of the student body, there are several permanent standing committees: Executive, Appropriations, Academic Policy, Student Services and Development.

The Executive Committee is chaired by the SGA Executive VP and is composed of the Presidents of each of the College Councils. They serve as an extension of the Senate Leadership and nearly all legislation passes through this committee.

The Appropriations Committee is the steward of SGA finances – drafting and approving the SGA budget, travel funds, and special event funding. The Academic Policy and Student Services committee advise the SGA Academic and Services VP respectively. The Development Committee makes sure that SGA is in compliance with its own rules.

College Councils

Each academic unit has its own College Council. The President and Vice President of each Council automatically serve in the Senate. Based on the size of the College, they are afforded additional Senators who serve in the Senate and on the College Council. College Councils primarily derive their funding from the Senate and use it on events that target their specific constituents. Prominent events include Speed Expo, A&S Art Show, Barrister’s Ball, etc.

Judicial Branch

The SGA Supreme Court is the judicial branch of Student Government. The Court is composed of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. No academic unit has more than one seat on the Court and at least one seat must be reserved for a Law student and a student from the Health Sciences Campus. Justices are nominated by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Student Senate. The Chief Justice may appoint a Court Clerk to assist them in the administrative functionsof the Court.

The Court arbitrates disputes between student organizations, branches of SGA and election disputes. They are the interpreters of the SGA Constitution & Bylaws.

The Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring that all organs and entities of SGA are adhering to the SGA Constitution and By-Laws, along with any respective council or board constitution and/or by-laws. The Compliance Officer also has the authority to bring fourth a case as defined by the SGA Constitution against any member or entity of SGA, except councils.

Student Activities Board

SAB is governed by a trio of executive directors. The programming arm of SGA, SAB is composed of seven committees, each headed by a chair and a vice chair. Each SAB committee is responsible for providing co-curricular events and activities that relates to the theme of the committees and enhance students’ experience at U of L.

Engage Lead Serve Board

The service arm of SGA, ELSB is governed by an executive board composed of four directors. ELSB has twelve directors which comprise the committee leadership board. Each committee is responsible for planning and coordinating service events and projects relevant to the committee’s cause. The Special Programs Board consists of one representative from the Alternative Service Break Board, Freshmen LEAD, and Task Force Freshmen. Said representative, along with their co-chairs, are responsible for coordinating events specific to their programs.

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