Student Activities Center(502)

Student Activities Board (SAB)

The Student Activities Board provides social, multicultural, recreational and educational activities for the University’s students and other interested members of the UofL. From movies to lectures, cultural celebrations to concerts, comedy shows to cookouts, homecoming events to casino nights, we provide co-curricular activities that enhance students’ experiences at the University of Louisville. Student Activities Board’s events are an integral component of the students’ overall education and development.

The Student Activities Board is about programming FOR THE STUDENTS BY THE STUDENTS. SAB is the programming arm of the Student Government Association and strives to provide quality, fun, and educational events and programs for the ENTIRE student body. Any student can be involved in the planning and selection of SAB events and helping with the extensive work of producing and promoting our events. Through its work in providing these activities, the SAB’s members and volunteers develop practical skills and experience in a variety of areas and have fun while doing it! SAB: We Make It Happen.


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