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With just 100 Days left in our term, Top Four outlined specific goals to achieve before May 13. We plan on finishing strong for you!

Aaron Vance: Student Body President

– Advocate for the creation of a student seat on Foundation Board of Directors
– Prioritize the student perspective in conversations around SB 107 and Accreditation
– Host a successful Rally for Higher Education with transportation for UofL students
– Encourage a high SGA Election turnout by making voting more accessible
– Successfully advocate in Frankfort on issues affecting students (HB 126, 127, etc.)
– Introduce a resolution outlining Presidential Attributes to guide in the Presidential Search
– Introduce a resolution to consider renaming the SAC to the Student Union
– Introduce a resolution to consider At-Large Representation in the Student Senate
– Outline SGA’s priorities on capital projects to include Identity Center, SAC Reno. etc.
– Begin the process of revitalizing the Student 2020 Plan to incorporate new goals
– Deliver an informative State of the Student Body Address
– Create Transition Plan with the incoming SGA President

Amanda Nitzken: Executive Vice President

– Pass Diversity Evaluation for Course Evaluations
– Pass Braille Initiative Resolutions and present to administration
– Diversify SGA Election candidates
– Execute parts 2 and 3 of I Belong, You Belong, We Belong campus series
– Sponsor a ‘Student to Student’ initiative for those affected by recent Presidential Executive Orders
– Amend constitution/bylaws to add freshmen seats for Senate
– Propose an appeal process for student ticket package
– Create Transition Plan for Position

Meredith Cooksey: Academic Vice President

– Library 2 AM extension, improved study spaces timeline
– Advising Survey/Improvements
– Course Evaluation Diversity Questions
– Increase Student of the Month applicants
– HSC/Grad students (increase- future own program)
– ULINK refinement
– Create Transition Plan for Position
– Begin Gen Ed→ Cardinal Core Rebranding
– Notice from Student Senate encouraging units to not use the “extra” 3 hours for degree requirements thus preventing students from exploring classes and diversity
– Work with Study Abroad to finish out revamping their website from student feedback gathered

Lauren Greenwell: Services Vice President

– Prepare for the final stages of construction of SAC Renovation
– Complete the 90 day trial with the Parking Consultants and leave the Parking situation in a better place than last year
– UofL ADA/Disability Resolution to be set in
– Watch every single restaurant option open up (except for the Marketplace/ which will open in Aug/September 2017) and leave – Aramark with high expectations from students
– Continuation of discussion for the UofL App
– ‘It’s On Us’ event (sexual assault awareness)in late Spring
– Safety/Blue Lights
– Improve Escort Service
– Cardinal Shuttle Evaluation
– Create Transition Plan for Position

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