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SGA’s SharePoint

Why SharePoint?

Each incoming SGA Administration has the option of getting rid of previous websites and developing their own. With this possibility, the 2011-2012 SGA Communications Team felt that there was a need for a constant, stable location that would withstand the years and that was separate than the informational and graphic website. With the help of the administration, an SGA SharePoint was setup to be a depository for SGA documents and to increase SGA transparency.

How To Access SharePoint

Accessing SharePoint is extremely easy.

Simply begin by clicking the link below:

SGA’s SharePoint Site

From this page, you have access to all SGA documents which are organized by branch for your convenience. By clicking on a branch you will be brought to sub-folders, which help better organize the system. Each of these folders contain important SGA documents. If you have any issues with logging on or finding a certain document, please email us through our Contact page.

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