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SGA Funding

The Student Government Association sets aside a considerable portion of its budget for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) to hold events and travel. Funding is not available for individual students.

There are two main entities that disburse these funds: the Club Programming Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

Club Programming Committee

The Club Programming Committee (CPC) was established to provide a neutral arbiter and distributor of event funding. The CPC is composed of 8 students: 4 of which are nominated by the Student Body President and 4 of which are nominated by the Dean of Students. SGA and the Dean of Students’s office attempt to ensure that CPC membership reflects the diversity of the Student Body.

The CPC distributes over $100,000 of the SGA budget to RSO events that contribute to the quality of campus life.  Requests should demonstrate how funding an initiative would inspire a vibrant campus life and an engaged student body. Every request received will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Typically the CPC seeks to fund events that will have a large impact on campus, are fiscally prudent, and generally improve campus life.

Previously approved funding requests by CPC can be found here.

If your request has been denied, you can e-mail the CPC Chair for further information.



NameAppointed by:Email
Alexsis Carter (Chair)Dean of
Austin VogsbergerDean of
Ryan Whitaker Dean of
Seyda MuratovaDean of
Wesley Turner

Senate Appropriations Committee

The Senate Appropriations Committee is a standing committee of the Student Senate. Unlike the CPC, all members of the Appropriations Committee are elected Senators. Each academic unit has a single seat on the committee. Senators who serve in any other SGA branch are not allowed to serve on the Appropriations Committee.

The 2017-2018 Senate Appropriations Chair is Sydney Lucas (

Previously approved Appropriations requests can be found in the minutes of Senate meetings.

Travel Funds

The SGA Senate Travel Scholarship Fund is money that the Student Senate has set aside to help defer travel expenses for undergraduate and professional students within Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) who are attending conferences, academic competitions, and non-varsity/non-intramural athletic competitions outside of the Louisville metropolitan area.

Special Projects Funds

The SGA Senate Special Project Fund is money that the Student Senate has set aside to sponsor Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) needing funding for one-time special projects, particularly non-capital projects like special events and programming for the student body at the University of Louisville. Larger or yearly events should apply to the Club Programming Committee.


Partnerships with SAB & ELSB

Students are also encouraged to partner with the Student Activities Board or the Engage Lead Serve Board in throwing campus events or programs. Each are composed of various committees that target specific topics. Further information on partnering with SAB or ELSB can be found on their websites.

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