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Transportation on and around campus is something that Christopher Bird is particularly passionate about as a student of civil engineering. He is excited to address the concerns of students by taking a hard look at how SGA administer parking. Earlier this year, the university retained a consulting firm to complete a holistic ninety-day review of parking operations. This firm gathered many stakeholders, including SGA, to better understand the current state of parking. Both Vishnu and Christopher  sat in meetings to provide the student perspective. At the end of the ninety-day process, the firm will deliver the university a recommendation on how to best oversee parking moving forward. It will be up to the university to determine how to act on this recommendation. Christopher plan to solicit ideas and opinions from the student body after the consultant report is released, and Christopher commit to asking these questions to represent the student voice:

1) How can we best keep student parking fair and affordable?
2) How can we address and improve alternative transportation for students without vehicles?
3) How can we make smart decisions presently for student parking now in anticipation of a growing student body?