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We can always improve our safety and protection initiatives. Whether it be ensuring physical security or standing up for the rights of at-risk groups, our campus should be a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Improvements to services are safe if they can protect the well being and accessibility for all students. Measures like the SGA sponsored “L Trail” which replaced dull and dark sidewalks with new lighting infrastructure are good ways we have increased safety. Christopher Bird plans to work to expand this lighting replacement to reach more areas of our campus. Externally, Christopher wants to explore ways that we can renovate the corridors and train viaducts to the south. Students should be able to walk to campus through these safely. Physical safety cannot be overlooked. Recent events have left us with questions and concerns. Firstly, Christopher Bird plans to explore pitfalls of how RAVE does or does not report incidents. Secondly, he’ll work with our police to see how we can improve broader measures around campus.