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2025 PLAN

This plan is a strategic initiative led by the Student Government Association (SGA) officers to continue the work from the 2020 Plan and to develop new ideas for future administrations to work toward. This 2025 Plan extends from the 2019-2020 academic year through the 2024-2025 academic year to continue to create a campus community that allows students to thrive in their academic, social and community pursuits. The Strategic Plan is dedicated to making a difference on behalf of the students by the students.


During the Fall of 2018, the 2020 Plan was evaluated to see which initiatives were completed, which ones needed to be improved, and which ones had not been started. While evaluating the 2020 Plan, the five key categories for student success were identified: College Affordability and Accessibility, Student Facilities, Student Services, Academic Enrichment and Retention, and Student Engagement. Three main areas of SGA provided input: the Executive Board, the Services Committee, and the Academic Policy Committee. Past student survey results were also analyzed to flesh out these initiative ideas. This Plan is not meant to be a strict and rigid requirement for future SGA administrations but rather a guide based on input from students and this SGA administration.


As a student body, we are conscious of the fact that college costs money, time and energy and we give those things at our own benefit or peril. There is no attempt to pass higher education off as a right; but what must be acknowledged is that higher education is an investment by all, for all. The Plan attempts to articulate this investment through policy initiatives. College must be affordable, and affordability must be defined. When colleges become unaffordable, universities bring in less revenue and contribute less trained workers, less provided services and less community engagement. Costs must be kept low; college must be kept affordable. This is a statewide issue. The execution of this section of The Plan will largely be under the purview of the SGA President.

Student Facilities

Students require facilities that allow them to explore and enhance their college experience. In order for facilities to stay abreast of current student desires and interests, new buildings must be built and current buildings must be renovated. As the university continues to improve in quality, so too must our academic space, cultural tolerance and recreational avenues improve. All of these are set aside for new building projects in The Plan. The execution of this section of The Plan will largely be under the purview of the Executive Vice-President.

A quality classroom and advising experience are paramount in student success. According the student surveys taken in fall 2009 that were used to develop this plan, student listed faculty evaluations, grading policy and blackboard usage as top issues. Students also mentioned quality advising as a growing area of concern; developing comprehensive reform in all of these areas is of particular importance in developing the student experience. A poor system in these areas directly leads to retention issues. The Plan offers ways faculty, students and administrators can work together to improve these areas. The execution of this section of The Plan will largely be under the purview of the Academic Vice-President.

The very nature of college suggests that students are in an atmosphere that mimics the convenience of a home environment. Quality and convenience of services are not only encouraged by students, but required in order to provide the best student experience available. The Plan suggests many different ways the university can improve the quality of its services for students. The execution of this section of The Plan will largely be under the purview of the Services Vice-President.

The culture of campus is defined differently by different students. In the surveys taken that helped develop this student plan mainly revolved around issues concerning diversity initiatives, athletics excitement, student programs, spirit and traditions and engagement. The Plan provides opportunities for development in these areas.

2025 Strategic Plan

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