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2025 PLAN:
In Progress Goals

Academic Enrichment

INITIATIVE: Improve Advising

Advising is a very crucial service provided to students. Advisors maintain the movement towards graduation for students. Student Government will work to make sure that a system is developed that works most efficiently to this aim.

  • Goal: Among advising staff, administration and SGA, create an agreed upon integrated advising system, which includes measures of accountability and a unified education program for advisors (2018) In Progress

INITIATIVE: Lower the cost of books for students

Book costs are one of the major rising costs for students at UofL. Many ways to deal with this issue include educating professors on the cheapest books to purchase and keeping all members of the UofL community aware of the issue.

  • Goal: Mandate that professors post textbook information as early as possible to allow students to shop for more affordable books (2018) In Progress

INITIATIVE: Develop Consistency in the Faculty Grading Policy

Many students are upset with the inconsistency in the grading policy. Depending on the professor, students taking the same class and get the same numerical score end up with a different letter grade. Student Government will work with faculty to develop consistency methods.

  • Goal: Ensure course level consistency for +/- grading system (2018) In Progress

Academic Enrichment

INITIATIVE: Improve Campus Safety

The safety of our students at the University of Louisville is one of the most important roles of leaders at our institution, Student Government included. We will work to develop and strengthen several programs to improve student safety on campus.​

  • Goal: Improve escort system efficiency to decrease wait times (2018) In Progress

INITIATIVE: Improve Student Parking

As students continue to commute to the University of Louisville and have hometowns outside of Louisville, a location to park cars and other vehicles remains important. Student Government is committed to pushing for new parking on campus.​

  • Goal: Conduct an annual audit to determine the relationship between number of available parking spots and number of parking passes sold (2017) In Progress

Image of the Ville Grill from outside

INITIATIVE: Improve Dining Services

Dining services is important to students. Students request that if we must pay for dining services, then we must receive as many quality options for healthy, affordable food and services as possible.​

  • Goal:  Advocate for student usage of meal card off campus (2019) In Progress

INITIATIVE: Improve Sustainability Measures

Using energy efficiency is a new issue that has become a central focus for UofL. In an effort to improve student awareness of the issue and make our campus cleaner, SGA will work to develop programs to make our campus more sustainable.​​

  • Goal: Create a Green Fund Fee that will be used to complete sustainability measures on campus (2017) In Progress  

Student Services

INITIATIVE: Improve Student Health Services

Starting in June 2010, Student Health Services will be located to Cardinal Station on 3rd street. Student Government is committed to working with Student Health to make sure we benefit as best we can from this move.

  • Goal: Assume an active role in the Healthy Campus 2020 initiative (2018) In Progress 

Student Engagement

Members of SGA Executive Branch at a UofL football game

INITIATIVE: Enhance UofL Spirit and Traditions

The “fanhood” for spirit and traditions at a university is one of the most important aspects of improving student life. With a student body that is passionate about the student experience, it will be very beneficial to improving services, classroom quality and other issues. Therefore, there is a full list of programs and initiatives student government is going to launch in the coming years.​

  • Goal: Establish shuttle service (2018) In Progress

INITIATIVE: Improve Alumni Program

When students graduate, they become alumni. Our alumni relations are a great way to develop a stronger relationship with past students, potential donors and the ever expanding UofL community to improve the student experience.

  • Goal: Implement SGA programs recognizing student alumni for their accomplishments and contributions (2018) In Progress

INITIATIVE: Increase Civic and Community Engagement

2 students holding up 4 silver balloons that spell out "VOTE"

Students at UofL have always been interested in serving the community and being active in political activities. Student Government is a great vehicle for political action at the student level; SGA also wants to incorporate community engagement in the student experience.​

  • Goal: Create a culminating, comprehensive service project for UofL students that works in conjunction with Book-in-Common, Ideas 2 Action, and/or other UofL service initiatives (2018) In Progress

  • Goal: Improve SGA election turnout to 33% of UofL student population (2020) In Progress

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