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2025 PLAN:
Completed Goals

Members of SGA Executive Branch with Dr. Neeli Bendapudi and other officials in the Kentucky State Capitol building.

Civic Engagement and College Affordability

INITIATIVE: Enhance Board of Student Body Presidents’ role in Higher Education

The Board of Student Body Presidents is the statewide board made up of the 8 public institutions of higher education in Kentucky. Those schools are University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Murray State, Morehead, Kentucky State, Eastern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University and Northern Kentucky. The student voice can be stronger across the state if these schools develop statewide programs to encourage higher education support and college affordability initiatives. The programs below will go statewide to ensure this progress.

  • Goal: Establish Tax Services Program (2012) Completed

  • Goal: Host Listen Up Legislators events on UofL’s campus (2014) Completed

INITIATIVE: Grow student interest in the policy-making process affecting higher education

  • Goal: Create and implement a sustainable program for UofL students to gain advocacy experience at the state and federal level (2014) Completed

Student Facilities

Workout machines in the University of Louisville Student Recreation Center

Photo by UofL Student Affairs

INITIATIVE: Create a new Student Recreational Facility

A new center for recreational activity would vastly improve the student experience. Our current facility is outdated, uncomfortable, and unsuitable for the growing population student population at UofL. Student Government has advocated for the building of a new one.

  • Goal: Open new Student Recreational Facility (2013) Completed

INITIATIVE: Improve the current Student Activities Center

The Student Activities Center, built in 1990, needs significant renovation and expansion. With a new recreational center in the works, there will be space that can potentially be turned into meeting areas, dining facilities, or another type of space that students are asking for.

  • Goal: Completed SAC renovation (Fall 2018) and expansion (2020) Completed

INITIATIVE: Build a new Academic Building on Belknap Campus

As our student population continues to grow and the quality of our students continues to improve, we need to be sure we are keeping up with the improvement in academic facilities.

  • Goal: Open new Academic Building (Fall 2018) Completed

University officials unveiling plans for the new Belknap Academic Building

INITIATIVE: Expand campus housing to accommodate a growing freshman class and the live on campus requirement

  • Goal: Build/acquire a new suite or pod style dorm on the west side of campus (2017) Completed

INITIATIVE: Build a new Cultural Center on Belknap Campus

Diversity is one of the stable principles of the University of Louisville. In order to stay true to this mission, a new, inviting and inclusive center for students of all backgrounds must be built on campus. Student Government will advocate for it.

  • Goal: Begin a campaign to determine the space and resource needs of all diverse student groups on campus and actively work to meet them in the short term (2020) Completed

  • Goal: Open new Cultural Center on Belknap Campus (2021) Completed  

Academic Enrichment

INITIATIVE: Increase faculty Blackboard usage

Students actively use blackboard to check grades, find assignments, and communicate with classmates. Blackboard can be a great tool that professors can use to enhance the classroom experience and improve the overall quality of classroom instruction.​

  • Goal: Define specifically how Blackboard is to be used by faculty and include Blackboard usage or the University equivalent system at the time in the faculty evaluation process (2017) Completed

INITIATIVE: Reevaluate Faculty Evaluations

Students are able to critique their classroom experience by submitting evaluations. Student Government will ensure that students are more included in the evaluation process, and that their concerns are addressed.

  • Goal: Advocate for a public course evaluation system (2017) Completed

INITIATIVE: Improve Advising

Advising is a very crucial service provided to students. Advisors maintain the movement towards graduation for students. Student Government will work to make sure that a system is developed that works most efficiently to this aim.

  • Goal: Advocate for consistency in advising practices across academic units (2016) Completed

INITIATIVE: Define how to be a Successful UofL Student

When students first come to the University of Louisville, they have no idea what it takes to succeed here. The general education courses that each respective college has are great opportunities to teach how to be a successful student.

  • Goal: Overhaul current Gen 101 programs to create an integrated course that explains academic services at UofL like Career Development Center, REACH, facilities, etc. (2014) Completed  

Student Services

INITIATIVE: Improve Campus Safety

The safety of our students at the University of Louisville is one of the most important roles of leaders at our institution, Student Government included. We will work to develop and strengthen several programs to improve student safety on campus.

  • Goal: Work with Business Affairs to establish a safe nighttime walking route through campus (2016) Completed

  • Goal: 50 DPS officers on campus (2016) Completed

  • Goal: Pilot a nighttime taxi or shuttle service for free student use on weekends (2017) Completed

  • Goal: Improve escort system efficiency to decrease wait times (2018) Completed

INITIATIVE: Improve Student Parking

As students continue to commute to the University of Louisville and have hometowns outside of Louisville, a location to park cars and other vehicles remains important. Student Government is committed to pushing for new parking on campus.

  • Goal: Open new Chevron Parking Lot (2014) Completed

  • Goal: Conduct an annual audit to determine the relationship between number of available parking spots and number of parking passes sold (2017)

INITIATIVE: Improve Dining Services

Dining services is important to students. Students request that if we must pay for dining services, then we must receive as many quality options for healthy, affordable food and services as possible.

  • Goal:  Fully developed meal plan transfer system (2011) Completed

  • Goal:  Farmer’s Market on Belknap Campus (2015) Completed

INITIATIVE: Improve Sustainability Measures

Using energy efficiency is a new issue that has become a central focus for UofL. In an effort to improve student awareness of the issue and make our campus cleaner, SGA will work to develop programs to make our campus more sustainable.​​

  • Goal: Develop campus-wide recycling program to include affiliated housing properties (2013) Completed

  • Goal:  Develop integrative system for bike usage on campus (2015) Completed

Student Engagement

INITIATIVE: Develop a formal body of RSO representation in SGA

Each student at UofL identifies more closely with different groups than others. Since SGA is the chief advocate for student concerns, it is important that the structure of SGA is able to best reflect its constituency. In order to do that, a different representative must be established.

  • Goal:  Formal Body in SGA that represents underrepresented groups (commuters, RSOs, etc.) (2013) Completed

INITIATIVE: Establish a UofL Concert Series

Every year students complain about not having concerts from nationally recording artists. Student Government will develop, and commit to providing the resources to establishing a concert series program on campus.

  • Goal:  Host first concert (2013) Completed

  • Goal:  Become financially sustainable (2015) Completed

Image of a singer performing at a concert put on by SAB

INITIATIVE: Enhance UofL Spirit and Traditions

The “fanhood” for spirit and traditions at a university is one of the most important aspects of improving student life. With a student body that is passionate about the student experience, it will be very beneficial to improving services, classroom quality and other issues. Therefore, there is a full list of programs and initiatives student government is going to launch in the coming years.

  • Goal:  Create a Sprit and Traditions book highlighting UofL traditions that will be available to students for free (2012) Completed

  • Goal:  Festival Seating at Basketball Games (2013) Completed

  • Goal:  Annual sports games apparel that all students wear to basketball and football games (2014) Completed

  • Goal:  Establish a better football game student tailgate area (2017) Completed

INITIATIVE: Improve Alumni Program

When students graduate, they become alumni. Our alumni relations are a great way to develop a stronger relationship with past students, potential donors and the ever expanding UofL community to improve the student experience.

  • Goal: Advocate for stronger young alumni relations in conjunction with the Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations (2015) Completed

  • Goal: Implement SGA programs recognizing student alumni for their accomplishments and contributions (2018)

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