The Executive Cabinet are the “Top 4” elected officers of the Student Government Association: the Student Body President, the Executive Vice President, the Academic Vice President and the Services Vice President. The Executive Cabinet serve on various University committees and serve as the chief voice of students to the University administration, faculty and staff.

Traditionally, the Student Body President deals with University-wide issues and administration. They also serve on the Board of Trustees. The Executive Vice President works with Athletics, Diversity initiatives, and SGA. The Academic Vice President works with the University’s deans and faculty. The Services Vice President works with a range of student services including safety, housing, dining and construction.

Members of SGA Executive Branch with Dr. Neeli Bendapudi


The Executive Staff are appointed by the Student Body President to assist in the carrying out of SGA functions. The structure of the staff varies based on the administration but they are typically led by a Chief of Staff who helps the Cabinet plan and implement their agenda. Staff members may include officers who oversee SGA social media, the SGA website, RSO outreach, governmental relations, etc.