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The SGA Supreme Court is the judicial branch of Student Government. The Court is composed of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. No academic unit has more than one seat on the Court and at least one seat must be reserved for a Law student and a student from the Health Sciences Campus. Justices are nominated by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Student Senate. The Chief Justice may appoint a Court Clerk to assist them in the administrative functions of the Court. 

The Court arbitrates disputes between student organizations, branches of SGA and election disputes. They are the interpreters of the SGA Constitution & Bylaws.

The Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring that all organs and entities of SGA are adhering to the SGA Constitution and By-Laws, along with any respective council or board constitution and/or by-laws. The Compliance Officer also has the authority to bring fourth a case as defined by the SGA Constitution against any member or entity of SGA, except councils.

Members of SGA Judicial Branch holding their hands up to form the letter "L"
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