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Members of Student Senate holding their hands up to form the letter "L"


The Student Senate is led by the Senate Speaker and Senate Historian. The Speaker oversees each meeting of the Senate, while the Historian maintains the document archive and composes the meeting agenda. The Speaker typically also appoints a Senate Clerk to maintain minutes.

The Senate is divided into various committees that deal with different issues or components of Student Government. Although the committees change based on the needs of the student body, there are several permanent standing committees: Executive, Appropriations, Academic Policy, Student Services and Development.

The Executive Committee is chaired by the SGA Executive VP and is composed of the Presidents of each of the College Councils. They serve as an extension of the Senate Leadership and nearly all legislation passes through this committee.

The Appropriations Committee is the steward of SGA finances – drafting and approving the SGA budget, travel funds, and special event funding. The Academic Policy and Student Services committee advise the SGA Academic and Services VP respectively. The Development Committee makes sure that SGA is in compliance with its own rules.


Each academic unit has its own College Council. The President and Vice President of each Council automatically serve in the Senate. Based on the size of the College, they are afforded additional Senators who serve in the Senate and on the College Council. College Councils primarily derive their funding from the Senate and use it on events that target their specific constituents. Prominent events include Speed Expo, A&S Art Show, Barrister’s Ball, etc.

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