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Several students at the Kentucky State Capitol participating in Cards in Action. Some hold signs and hold their hands up to form the letter L.

Cards in Action brings students together from all over the Commonwealth and the nation to lobby in Frankfort and D.C. for issues like higher education affordability, the insurance of equal education, fair academic standards, and federal funding. Issues that affect the student body are issues that matter to Cards in Action. As a group, we work together to meet with Legislators and advocate on behalf of the Student Body. Our mission is to bring light to the needs of the Students at the University of Louisville, and inform our legislators of those needs.

This year’s plans include hosting advocacy days in Frankfort during the General Assembly, bringing candidates to campus to speak about issues affecting students and the nation and a lobbying trip to in Washington D.C. SGA utilizes this group of highly dedicated students to represent the interests of the Student body and push change that students deserve in all sectors of government.

There are no specific political affiliation requirements, but an interest in government and issue-based advocacy is highly recommended in order to participate.

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